Trinidad, and Blackberries

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Hey I got a new blackberry phone!

I'm a tech geek (which probably is redundant). So I follow what the trends in the tech industry... for fun, not literally, don't have that kind of pocket, if you know what I mean.
Let's be honest, Blackberries had their day. Then along came a spider, and well... you know the story. They're trying extremely hard to get back on top, but the reality is, a lot more is going on while they do.
Trinidad however, doesn't seem to be phased by the lack of the enthusiasm for Blackberries globally. Every where you turn, someone is on their blackberry devices! BBMing, or what ever it is they do on a blackberry...
The sad thing is, Trinis still think blackberries are the hottest on the market. Hence, my comic comparison!
If blackberry manages to come back and dominate with OS 10, out next year, man I got a lot of foot to take out of my mouth :)