I'm back!

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I'm baaaack


After many eons of absence and being on "hiatus" (as my brother put it). I've finally returned to my love. It pained me every day, to see this site, stagnated and underutilized. I'm indian, so if I can't juice every bit out of something, it hurts! :)

Well, I've done a re-design to introduce my arrival, and honestly, the first design sucked! I blame it on the lack of knowledge to do certain things within the site.

In the interim(hate that word) I've done another separate site LinkMEtt.com.
As much as I like comedy, I like to improve life. I believe it will be a boon to my country and it's users. Hate it or like it, I had fun designing it. It was an idea I came up with last year sometime, and like a rash, it has been itching me ever since!

Now that my technical skills have improved (see new site design) you can expect to see me more often.

Note: I'm working on another "secret" project still. Yes, I'm addicted to websites. So I'll be here, but not as often. But more often than previously. I lived and breathed code for months and I'm really tired of it...

Thanks for sticking around! And I hope you enjoy the loads of content I have planned!