My style has changed, so what?

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My style has changed

So, if you've been noticing, my style has changed!

Yep, it's still the same artist creating those wonderful comics you just love (yes my ones I'm talking about), but with a different style and finesse.

I had no idea what I was smoking with the first few comics. I guess I was on a "minimalistic" craze, having just gotten an iPhone and absorbing the Steve Jobs biography. haha. Just kidding.

Actually in reality it's because of my decade-long work in the graphic design industry it literally spilled over into my "creative" ventures. I'd gotten so accustomed to commericalise pieces, I lost my own self and identity in the process. It looked clean and clear, to me and others, but when I reviewed them while working on my other project, leaving immaturestudio stagnant for some time, I questioned, "is this really me?".

So I set out on an artistic venture, trying different strokes and methods. I looked back at my own drawings on paper, and decided, what the h** (hey), I gotta change this immediately!!!!

I don't intend to sell my pieces. At least that's how I see it now. But it's gotta be me. Love or hate it, I had to put what was unique to me. Not what I thought other people would like.

I thought about Jim Henson, George Lucas, the old Tim Burton, Bill Watterson and many of my idols and said, "They did it their way" and decided it was safe to put things I did "my way".

I've stopped trying to figure out shortcuts in my pieces. Previously I used vectors and preset fonts to do the speech bubbles and wording. Now I use my own hand-writing, which is terrible btw. It's tougher, but unique.

I'm still 'evolving' my technique, so do expect some inconsistencies along the way. But hopefully I can look back at these and say, "man I sucked!" some day! haha

So I hope this new style isn't too difficult to comprehend or less interesting. I've always said, it's the context that matters, the content can be presented in what ever way. Once you execute a good context, all should fall into place.