I'll Be Back

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I'll be back

Hello to all my fans, all three of you, although I've only started this comic a few weeks ago, I'll be "disappearing" for another week or so. No, it's not for vacationing, or to save some endangered species(though I wish it were to save something) however, it's to do comics!! So why will I be 'unavailable' or no new webcomics will be posted? The tradition I've seen so far, with webcomics, is that most artists, post comics as soon as they finish them (their captions usually depicts it) and I understand why. The excitement involved in creating a 'work of art' is too irresistible not to publish and I too have given into that desire. However in effort to maintain a quality based webcomic site, I've decided to offset my publishings a bit.

So I am doing comics round the clock, however I'm publishing them a week or so after, so I can continue to work on other newer ones while appearing to have a constant supply of fresh ideas, rather than just giving into "deadlines" (I despise that word) which honestly can drain you allow crappy ideas and poorly executed art to be released. See my previous comics... ha ha.

Nevertheless I don't want this website to appear stagnant, even to the three of you out there who recently discovered it. Every viewer is worth it to me, to make it known why the website may seem 'dead'. I'd encourage you to bookmark the site, if you're a new viewer, but I know how bookmarking can be a hassle. You have to click the bookmark menu, then select where you want to bookmark it, and if you pile it ontop of other bookmarked sites it gets lost in the noise, yadda yadda yadda. So take a pen and paper, with some glue, write down the web address you see above and stick it somewhere on your screen. And check me back! I have some good stuff to reveal to you all soon! Hey! No peeking!