About immature Studio

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Immature studio was born out of the idea that comics should be free and happiness should have little limits, if not, none at all.

Too many crappy comics have spawned over the years, and I believe due to lack of options, people have mindlessly followed them, therefore transforming themselves to become the trend. It's not hard to become brainwashed, Hitler could tell you that!

From a small country in the middle of nowhere, no not Swallow Falls (cloudy, chance of meatballs), actually we're just off the coast of Venezuela(for some reason people think we're predominantly Spanish speaking!). Our content is very limited to mainly Carnival and Politics.

We live and breathe Carnival, and eat and shyte Politics. Both of which I have little respect and interest for.

So, which brings me to immature Studio. A fun loving place where plants bloom, the sun always sets (romantically) and food is free! Nope.... what was I thinking? Eutopia! It's just a place/avenue to express the inner thoughts of my mind, in an illustrative and possibly comical way (I never said funny!). My style is ever evolving as I try to find my niche.

I don't intend to go head-on with any webcomic or artist, locally or internationally, so leave me alone.

But really, it's inspired by Calving and Hobbes, a comic I grew up on literally. Jim Hensons creative mind. Star Wars... no surprise there! and many other cartoons I love, obviously too many to mention.